• Как оформить покупку в магазине Alli Susiluoto

    Гид по оформлению заказа и покупке на сайте allisusiluoto.com
  • Applying discount coupons

    I offer discounts for customers buying my patterns in bulk: 10% off the price for 3 or more patterns with the code PATTERNS3, 15% off for 6 or more patterns with the code PATTERNS6. This post will guide you through the process of applying discounts.
  • Taala

    After Siggi was published, I was asked to design something simpler and faster to make. And that was the main idea behind my newest pattern Taala: easier to work, yet still a visual delight.
  • Tovi

    I've finished my new design Tovi just before New Year. Now that I look at it, seems like I was inspired by that festive time more than i thought I was :) Fireworks and poinsettia are the first things to come to mind with Tovi.
  • Textured crochet doily MAKO // free pattern

    Small crochet doily with textured center. This pattern is free. Enjoy your crochet time! :)
  • Текстурная салфетка крючком МАКО // бесплатная схема

    Небольшая ажурная салфетка на 21 ряд с текстурной серединкой. Описание бесплатное. Вяжите с удовольствием!
  • Alya

    My new pattern Alya is finished and published.

    This design has lots of texture and layers, it took me several tries to get it right, but I think it all came together really well.

    I built the whole composition around the flower center, added some cabled stitches and several rounds of popcorns to create leaf-like and flower bud-like elements.

    Check out the whole story to get to know Alya a bit more :)
  • First steps

    Hi, this is my first post!

    And I'd like to start with something about me and how I began to do what I do. My name is Zoya, I am a passionate crocheter and crochet designer. Even though my experience in crochet is something like 15+ years, I started designing my own patterns just recently.

    So here is a story of my first ever attempt to design something of my own, at which I failed many times miserably, but in the end turned out better, than I could ever imagine.

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